I have been battling with frames to display output from a database select
query. The aim is to have a top page indicating the result of the query
(number of names found), a list of names in the left frame which link (<a
href > , etc) to a page for each name in the main frame. Thereby, the user
can look at individual details for each name without losing sight of the
full list of names. I can do a simple link to a new page and 'Back' again
but  would prefer the list to remain in view.

One complication (?), before the search (or on a new search), the page does
not use frames. A form collects search criteria then submits output to the
frames page. So, I use "if (!submit){ " to check if the form has been
completed - if not show it, else do search and set up frames to display.

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial or code snippet. I have searched
PHPBuilder, DevShed, WeberDev, Zend, etc but with little success.


Mick Lloyd
Tel: +44 (0)1684 560224

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