Thanks for your help ... i have another question ....i'm just new with php
programming and i have this problem that you could probably help me ...

what will i do to get the exact month difference between two dates ... for
example ...

date(currentdate) - date(hiredate) = diff in no of months and days ...

thanks in advance ...

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From: Bill Speidel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 10:30 AM
Subject: Access to MySQL

> hi,
> i have performed this recently without going through the hassle
> of using ODBC where you have to install MyODBC and get it to
> work...
> 1.Open your table in Access
> 2. Click File then Export
> 3. Export as text file *.txt, *.cvs etc.
> 4. Use Tab delimiters and no text qualifier
> 5. Use the LoadData feature of MySQL to load the tab
> delimited file you created...
> if you don't know how to run MySQL's loaddata feature try the
> website or get the MySQL book by Paul DuBois,
> which is loaded with lots of stuff you need to know...
> hope this helps...
> ~bill~

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