I'll add something to the notes in the Informix section of the manual on
this as well, but thought some of those here might appreciate knowing
that, while it isn't mentioned anywhere on their website, Informix
*does* have a client SDK available for FreeBSD 4.x (and it works just
dandy with PHP)!

You can request a copy, either on CD or via electronic delivery, by
calling Informix Customer Support at 1-800-274-8184 option 3.  (I had to
spell "FreeBSD" three times for the rep I got, and then explain to her
what it was, but once she had that information, she was able to locate
the product in her database and process my request.)

For reference, my e-mail confirmation referred to the package as
"Orderable Part Number 100-15871-204057-1"...no idea whether that refers
specifically to the electronic-delivery option or not, though.

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