check in the manual under the features section, a part called Handling file 

you need to use a multipart/form-data html form, which then posts the 
contents of the file to the server. once it is there, you can parse it into 
a single variable and save that into the db just like you would anything 
else, or you can write it to disk somewhere and save a path for it.

getting it back out - make sure you also save the mime-type of the file, 
then just pass the mimetype as a header, and then spit out the contents of 
the file (if it's saved in the db)


At 01:03 PM 3/3/01 -0800, Pedro M. S. Oliveira wrote:
>Hi all...
>Here i am once again asking for advice :)
>well i need to put a file (something lika *.doc or *.rtf) on a mysql
>The thing is: the user need to upload a computer file to the mysql runing
>over a linux box.
>i would like to know:
>1) what is the best way to do this?
>2) what is the html code i have to generate do do this?
>3) how can i read this back from the database?
>i read something about sending the file over ftp and then on the database
>put just the path to the file.
>but what is your opinion?
>Pedro Miguel Silva Oliveira
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