Problem solved!

Thanks to everyone who helped out (and to our system DBA for reminding me 
that an Oracle function is just a type of stored procedure).

For what it's worth, here is the code that I wound up using (sensitive 
company information xxxx'ed out, of course):

// Establish Oracle connection
$db = ocilogon("xxxx","xxxx","xxxx");
if(!$db) die("Database connection failed.");

// Execute stored procedure
$functionCall = "begin :result := hubins_func('Richard','Y');end;";
if(!ociexecute($parsedFunctionCall)) die ("Stored Procedure execution 
print("Value of primary key: $result");

// End Oracle connection


The value of $result is the primary key which is associated with the value 
inserted into the database with the hubins_func stored proc.

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