I have a strange behaviour of my remote Apache-PHP-Oracle-Client.
Apache 1.3.14 mod SSL
PHP      4.0.3pl1               (everything compiled from sources)
Oracle 8.1.6 on remote Intel/Redhat 6.2 (100MBit, same subnet)

The Oracle Server runs a Multi-Threaded-Server (successfully) and accepts
dedicated Serverconnections on the same Port.

tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora are placed in the proper directories.
it works in 95% of all requests, but sometimes (with no specific traffic
reason or network problem) it shows an typical _oci_openserver_error: COULD

I looked up Oracles Online Help but it's just like check your tnsnames.ora,
check your servicename ... But as it works in 95% of all cases, I do not
think that the problem is my path to tnsnames.ora

Is there anyone that is familiar with that problem or the configuration of
MTS and Dedicated at the same port / time ?

thank you


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