I have problems connecting with PHP to Oracle.

- Operating system is Windows 95
- Apache version is 1.3.14
- The PHP version is 4.04pl1 (NuSphere 1.13.6)
- The line "extension=php_oracle.dll" is active in php.ini
- De Oracle Database version is
- De SQL*NET client version is
- Using the SQL PLUS client on this machine works fine:
- The ociw32.dll file is in the path of the webserver

The test program is:

  $conn = ora_logon("hgj@wkds", "hgj");

The result is:

 Warning: Unable to connect to ORACLE (ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve
 service name) in /www/data/ontwikkel/test/php/test3.php on line 4

I have lookup the ORA-12154 error and it talks about the tnsnames.ora
file, this file is located in c:\orawin95\network\admin\ and I have set
ORACLE_HOME to c:\orawin95, so it must find that file, the part
of the database in tnsnames.ora is below.

wkds.world = 
        (ADDRESS = 
          (COMMUNITY = tcp.world)
          (PROTOCOL = TCP)
          (Host = rnwux1)
          (Port = 1521)
        (ADDRESS = 
          (COMMUNITY = tcp.world)
          (PROTOCOL = TCP)
          (Host = rnwux1)
          (Port = 1526)

Greetings, Herbert

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