OK, here are some important details about my system:

1. Linux (Mandrake 7.2)
2. Apache 1.3.14 (from distribution)
3. jre118 (rpm, IBM version)
4. IBM DB2 V7.1
   Installed with default logins, directories, etc.
5. Added '/usr/IBMdb2/V7.1/lib' to '/etc/ld.so.conf'; 'ldconfig' executed
6. PHP 4.0.3pl1
   From source rpm, but compiled manually (not rpm build).
   I used '--with-ibm-db2' option and also some others like
'--with-apxs --with-ldap' etc.
7. Modified apache conf to use PHP.

I'm sure libdb2.so is used, because when I remove (5) line from 'ld.so.conf'
I cannot start apache (missed library). Also tried
- no result. Tried to start apache as db2inst1 user (http.conf -> User)  -

So, I still think about DB2 version incompatibilities.

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