Using phplib  ----

This function ( a method of Db_Sql class) is giving me problems.

I've read in one place that it cannot be used for SELECT statements but in
another place that it can.

  function num_rows() {
    return OCIrowcount($this->Parse);

Then in my code that uses it, I have

if($result->num_rows() < 1)
    echo '<table width="100" border=0><tr><td>&nbsp;<!--spacer
cell -->&nbsp;</td></tr>';
    echo '<tr><td><div class="errorMsg">No results
    return false;

This always returns 0, every time.  I don't know why?

How can I get around this.

I need it to actually return the number of rows, or at least let me check to
see that there were rows returned from the query.


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