> > $query = "SELECT * FROM members where status='deceased'"
> >
> > Then just call the $query in your script
>Thanks, I only gave the mySQL but the php scripting is
>$deceased = mysql_query(SELECT * FROM members where
>                  and later
>while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($deceased))
>MySQL now says in relation to the *while* line
>Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
>Tim Morris

in that case, you don't need to escape the single ' since you are using 
double " to enclose your statement, however, you should have got a parse 
error if that is your code exactly, because you are missing a " at the 
start of the statement =)

also, make sure that the values in the db are always lower-case to get the 
match (i *think* it's case-sensitive off the top of my head)


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