The database has a table of equipments with date fields for
date_online and date_offline.

The requirement is to find which equipments were available on a date
specified by the user, this being a variable created by the user.

My attempts at scripting for the condition where the date_online <=
'specified variable' and the date_offline => 'specified variable'
totally fail for syntax says mySQL (and possibly for method)


Have you checked at the BETWEEN (x and y) clause?


      SELECT * FROM table WHERE searchdate BETWEEN (date_online AND

Not tested this on MySQL, but the above is perfectly legal SQL92.


Thanks for that.  I searched the Manual, yet again and could not find
this or like syntax.  I tried it though and got
Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource.

My attempt, one of many,

$result = mysql_query("select * from plant.eqpt where date_online <=
$checkdate AND  where date_offline => $checkdate order by type,

generated the same warning.

Still searching for a solution

Tim Morris

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