If I were to try to connect to a MySQL DB from some scripting language,
in the connection string what do I put in the "provider=zzzz" string for
an ODBC connection?

I'd like to try this from an ASP application using ADO, but need to know
this.  Before
you boo and hiss - I've duplicated the functionality just fine using PHP
and MySQL at
home to grab the binary data from a posted form and upload images just
fine.  We are
attempting to do this using ASP and an IBM DB2 UDB database, and it
seems to choke on the blob field.....If I can show that with some minor
changes, an open-source DB could be used for this...

Many thanks to the folks on the list that directed me to the
"addslashes" function that was the key to getting the binary data
cleaned up and into the DB - ask a question of
IBM folks and they'll either try to sell you another product or chuckle
and offer to send
consultants for hundreds of dollars an hour to tell you what you could
figure out if their
reference manuals weren't circular refernces to obtuse garbage...

Phil J.

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