Hi Everyone,
        Please bear with me.I am a final year student from India-Goa, and developing a 
library management system which can be adopted by any University (Hopefully). We are 
developing this project using PHP and PostgreSql.The good thing that we appreciate is 
that this project is based on the ISO format 2709 adopted by UGC. We would like to 
know from all the intrested people for this project , that what are their expectations 
from this project like information on statistics. 
        Right now we are developing the html and PHP pages.We have written a perl 
script to import the data from ISO format into PostgreSql database so that any library 
right now running on the CDISIS/WWWISIS package can easily export to ISO format that 
will be imported into PostgreSql. Due to non existing record for Serials and Thesis we 
have not been able to test the perl script for Serials and Thesis records althought 
the books has been completed throughly. We would be very thankful if anyone could give 
us a record or two of Thesis and Serials in ISO 2709 format. 
        Hoping for a best,

Yours sincerly,
Hiren & Sharmad 

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