Hi Everyone,
        Please bear with me.I am a final year student from India-Goa, and
+developing a library management system which can be adopted by any University
+(Hopefully). We are developing this project using PHP and PostgreSql.The good
+thing that we appreciate is that this project is based on the ISO format 2709
+adopted by UGC. We would like to know from all the intrested people for this
+project , that what are their expectations from this project like information
+on statistics.
        Right now we are developing the html and PHP pages.We have written a
+perl script to import the data from ISO format into PostgreSql database so that
+any library right now running on the CDISIS/WWWISIS package can easily export 
+to ISO format that will be imported into PostgreSql. Due to non existing record
+for Serials and Thesis we have not been able to test the perl script for
+Serials and Thesis records althought the books has been completed throughly. We
+would be very thankful if anyone could give us a record or two of Thesis and
+Serials in ISO 2709 format.
        Hoping for a best,

Yours sincerly,
Hiren & Sharmad

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