Meir kriheli wrote:

> On Tuesday 03 April 2001 23:10, Mauricio Junqueira wrote:
>> HI,
>> does anyone knows how to retrive information about the columns names of a
>> table?
>> I know that is possible to use show table mytable using isql but
>> I need to get information about the columns using sql.
>> that information is to be accessed with a php script. so, I'm looking
>> for something resembling "select info from table...."
>> How may I supposed to do that?
> Hi Mauricio,
> I guess you're using Interbase (isql).
> The system table your looking for is named RDB$RELATION_FIELDS
> Your select should be something like:
> RDB$RELATION_NAME = 'your_table_name'
> I'm building a new system, and I don't have an installation of Interbase
> I can check this on. I've got it from the Interbase documentation (the
> LANGREF.pdf file).

Thank you so much, 
It was exactly what I was looking for.
I will now give deep look on those system tables.

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