Whoa there!!

It's no *BIG* deal! It all works fine I just wondered why the connecton 
seemed to linger a little longer than it should!
I'll go with Ben's idea and close off the connectons at the bottom of 
my script. As for using a new version of MySQL - what's the point? It 
works fine. I can insert, select and update - all fine. WHy on earth 
would I want to upgrade to a new version which would prob take me all 
day, maybe crash the server on which several important websites sit on, 
and is generally more hassle than it's worth.

If it aint broke - don't fix it.

Cheers for your ideas folks.


         "Believe nothing - consider everything"        
  Russ Michell
  Anglia Polytechnic University Webteam
  +44 (0)1223 363271 ext 2331

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