>i've just read the rest of the mails and must admit i am more than dismayed.
>the shopping cart is SIMPLE, and if you can be bothered is easy to set up
>and code.
That is if you know how to develop.  It is easy for a developer.  but most 
who want a store are not developers.

> >store want.  They do not support the number of operating systems that we
> >do, and are no where near as easy to install.
>what operating systems do you support ? all the operating systems that php
>runs on perhaps ?

web servers running on Windows NT® 3.51 and 4.0 Intel machines as well as 
Windows® 95. It is also supported on SCO UNIXWARE 7.x (not SCO OPENSERVER), 
FreeBSD, BSDI (4.x only), Linux on Intel, Cobalt (RAQ2, RAQ3 or RAQ4 only) 
and Solaris on Sparc (not Intel), Netscape, Zeus and Apache 1.36 and above. 
On Windows, it will run on NSAPI/ISAPI compliant (Apache, Zeus, Netscape, 
Microsoft, O'Reilly) web servers. The current installation program supports 
Netscape Commerce, Communications, Fasttrack, Enterprise, Apache, Microsoft 
IIS and Personal Web Servers as well as O'Reilly Web Site Professional.
A new CGI loader now allows it to run on servers that do not have an API. 
We call this the CGIAPI and effectively gives non-API web servers the speed 

Not only that... we are Rock Solid on IIS, which php is not.  I do know 
what I am talking about.

> >You get what you pay for.. right.. you don't pay for Linux, you don't pay
> >for PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many other products your using. Do you
> >believe they suck too????
> >It is a matter of preference... I think that linux and postgres are really
> >cool.  MySQL bites.  :-P  I am not saying that all open source stuff suck,
> >just the open source php merchants.  My comment was directed at the
>what's an open source merchant ?
what we are talking about.... and open source e-commerce product.

> >Open source is not the only way.  With our merchant you get the source code
> >to modify and suit your needs.  Not only that... we maintain and provide
> >updates.  We do not leave people hanging.  We add features that our
> >customers want and we fix the bugs in the code, and
> >support installs.  Try getting that with opensource.  There are user groups
> >and mailing lists, which will try and help you through
> >but there is nothing that beats, support.  We provide documentation,
> >installations, and free support by the people who wrote
> >the thing in a timely manner.
>you've just described open source products pretty well. you get all that
>with open source without NEEDING your merchant.
no you don't.  You get the information if someone responds.  When does
someone install something on your machine or use remote access to fix
an installation problem that you caused.  You have no idea what you talking 

>i'm afraid that this seems to be another way for people to climb on the back
>of open source products and try and cream a living from seeling something
>that is/was/should be free.
I don't have a problem with open source.  But to say that open source is better
all the time is non-sense, especially when you do not know that product that I
am talking about.

I know for a fact that as of right now there is NO  <-- can you read this?? 
free ecommerce
product that has as many features as our product.   If you do not believe 
me then
check out.  www.ihtmlmerchant.com  mercent.inline.net/store1

Now when you have checked this out you can apologize for your ignorance.
If you don't believe that our support is tops. Then you can ask our users.

>true, if you've invested time and want compensating for that time then
>charge. but don't pretend it's better, or unique, or that you offer anything
>that can't be found for no cost.

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