Hallo, im trying to get some information out of a db, the sql statement =
SELECT c.lastname, c.firstname, a.postcode, a.phone, c.contact_id, c.email
FROM pl_cm_t_contact c, pl_cm_t_address a WHERE (c.contact_id =
a.contact_id) AND (c.lastname LIKE 'Müller%') ORDER BY 1

how can i read out the fields in php?
if i try it whith odbc_fetch_row it woun't work,
if i try it whith odbc_fetch_into it woun't work,
but if i try it with odbc_result_all, i get a table.
Only problem, i don't need a table, i need a string or array with the values
for the single fields.

Tanks for any help (I don't know what to try any more)

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