Hi Brian,

this really depends on what kind of user authentication you are using
by now. Apache is capable of doing authentication by many methods, not
only static .htaccess files, but also via MySQL, PAM or other. You
should speicify what kind of system you are using ...


> Okay,
> I have to jump in here because I've been having the same problem and have
> not found a solution. .htaccess is great for stuff like that, but how the
> heck do you integrate .htaccess into your User Authentication system so it
> uses the same login screen and authentication information? I don't want my
> users to have to authenticate twice. Even then they would be separate
> systems and could not track what the other is doing?  
> There's got to be some PHP/MySQL/Linux/Apache Guru out there!!!!!
> Someone help!
> Brian Grayless

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