Here, I think you may be over - using session variables a bit...have not used them in 
php, as I have version 3, which doesn't support them.  However, by day I am an ASP 
developer, and article after article I read warns about session variables!  They are 
great, but can hog
memory, especially if you have many users concurrently, so I would use them sparingly, 
just when you have to.

The "back" button problem - here is where a session variable might be usefull, if you 
want to force a particular order of website traversal and not allow them to go back - 
when leaving, say page 1 - set a session variable $visitedPageOne = true
On the top of that page, first thing - check for the value of $visitedPageOne, if 
true, redirect to the next page, ect.

Phil J.

olinux wrote:

> I am using sessions to store variables until all forms have been filled out. at this 
>point they are put into the db.
> I would like to know how i can eliminate the problem that occurs when the user 
>presses the back button.  I receive a "warning, page has expired... press refresh" I 
>know that pressing refresh works fine, but some people do not understand and get 
>confused. How can i fix this?
> thanks much
> olinux

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