I had exactly the same problem and i found the script that does the job.
At the begining of your script write this:

if ( $rd == 1 )
   $tmp_str_store = "var_list_str";

   session_register ( "$tmp_str_store" );
   $$tmp_str_store = "";

   foreach ($HTTP_POST_VARS as $k => $v)

       if ( is_array ($$k) )
          foreach ( $$k as $ar_k=>$ar_v)
             $$tmp_str_store .= $k."[$ar_k]=".urlencode($ar_v)."&";
          $$tmp_str_store .= $k . "=" . urlencode($v) . "&";
   header ("Location: this_script_path?rd=2" );
   if ( $rd == 2 )
      if ( isset($var_list_str) )

in the HTML body write <form action=this_script_path?rd=1 method=post>

and vualya you will not get message like you describe NEVER!!!

By, Aleksey.

""olinux"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
I am using sessions to store variables until all forms have been filled out.
at this point they are put into the db.
I would like to know how i can eliminate the problem that occurs when the
user presses the back button.  I receive a "warning, page has expired...
press refresh" I know that pressing refresh works fine, but some people do
not understand and get confused. How can i fix this?

thanks much

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