>So if you could give me some tips and pointers for what tables to create
>etc I would be grateful.

You can find a few articles on www.devshed.com about database normalization.

The whole idea is to put every piece of data only once in your database. 
And refer to them as an ID. Every ID must be unique and should never 
change.. so someones postalcode is a very bad idea.

You can think of multiple designs.. I'm not going to do it for you.. It 
will and does take some time and.. unfortunately I'm not having lots of it :(

To start you need to write down all data you want to add.. and what you 
want to be able to pull out of the database.. I found some good pointers in 
the book MySQL written by Paul DuBois. It handles MySQL and connections to 
MySQL databases..

Have fun..


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