Hello all...

I've got what is probably a stupid question, it's a problem I can't seem to
get my head around it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm pulling a count of connections from a MySQL database and the day of the
week it occurred on. Now the result set doesn't include empty values, so if
there were connections on only 2 days, I only get 2 rows returned, if there
were connections on 4 days, I get 4 rows returned. You get the idea...

Here is the PHP code I am using the get the data:

$sql = "SELECT COUNT(*), (DAYOFWEEK(dialer_login_date) -1) AS DAYOFWEEK FROM
dialer_login WHERE dialer_id = $dialer_id AND
WEEK(date_format(dialer_login_date, '%Y-%m-%d'),0) = WEEK('$last_week',0)

$result = db_query($sql);

while ($daily_count = db_fetch_array($result))

        $lastweek[] = $daily_count["COUNT(*)"];
        $day[] = $daily_count["DAYOFWEEK"];


For the sake of this question, let's say that there were connections on only
2 days, so we get a result set with 2 rows. Something like this:

8               2
3               4

That's great, but I need the array $lastweek to have the value 8 in element
2 and the value 3 in element 4 and all other elements (0,1,3,5,6) as zero.
As it sits, they are in elements 0 and 1 respectively.

I get this:

$lastweek[] = 8,3

I need this:

$lastweek[] = 0,0,8,0,3,0,0

Now I've written all manner of wild and wonderful loops that iterate through
either $lastweek or $day and try and build a proper array. Invariably
something doesn't work right. I'm sure I'm grossly over complicating this,
but I am at my wits end. Any thoughts or ideas are most welcome.


Tyrone Mills
UNIX is user-friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are...

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