> Hi all
> I have a text file with email addresses. Each line contains one email
> address. I read the file using file() function. Below is a snippet of my
> code
>  $staff = file("staff");
>  for($x=0; $x<count($staff); $x++){
>    $to = $staff[$x];
>    mail($to, "New User Added", $mailBody, "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]");
>  }
> the snippet does send mail to all the address listed in the file staff but
> the header from of the mail is not [EMAIL PROTECTED], but when i replace
> with a string like "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" everything works fine. The from  header is
> set to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and the subject also appears.
> I'm using php 4.0.1pl1 with apache 1.3 in a linux box. what could be the
> problem??
> kancha


I suppose you should check if the values in $staff array are clear of
special chars.
Try trim()'ing them before sending to the functions. Otherwise use
var_dump($staff ) or print_r($staff ). Thy're quite handy while debuging.

Just a remark... the code here connects to smtp server, sends data and
disconnects N times - this is not quite efficent. SMTP protocol allows to
specify multiple recipients of single message in single connection (Of
course, this means you won't be using any mail() from PHP library...). Still
it's no problem as long as the list is reasonable in size.


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