I'm having a spot of trouble getting the php-mysql-4.0.1pl2-9.i386.rpm package to 

Its a Redhat 7.0 installation with MySQL 3.23.36-1 installed.

I'm currently using MySQL with ICRADIUS0.17b so I know that MySQL is installed and 
working yet I get:

rpm -i php-mysql-4.0.1pl2-9.i386.rpm 

error: failed dependencies:
        mysql is needed by php-mysql-4.0.1pl2-9
        libmysqlclient.so.9 is needed by php-mysql-4.0.1pl2-9

How can I get the information I need to install this package manually?  I've looked 
all over the MySQL and PHP page with not even a mention of php-mysql (even a valid 
on-topic result from the search engines on both sites).

the php-mysql rpm is the same version as php installed on the machine.  

I was playing around with a box with 7.1 and the package 
(php-mysql-4.0.4pl1-9.i386.rpm) installed just fine on that machine.

Any ideas?

Robert Staph, W3RCS
The Center for Advanced Technologies

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