Hi guys

Created a database and now I've done the pages for editing it.

This is what I have...

<tr><td>Which Voyage:</td><td><select name="voyage" COLS=100 ROWS=1
value="<?php echo $row["voyage"] ?>">

    <option value="One voyage only">One voyage only</option>
        <option value="First voyage">First voyage</option>
        <option value="Second voyage">Second voyage</option>
        <option value="Third voyage">Third voyage</option>
        <option value="Fourth voyage">Fourth voyage</option>
        <option value="Fifth voyage">Fifth voyage</option>
        <option value="Sixth voyage">Sixth voyage</option>
        <option value="Various voyages">Various voyages</option>

When I get the record and open it for editing it automatically selects the
first option from the list.
I would like it to show the original value from the stored record.

Any ideas??....

Howard Picken
Launceston,  Tasmania, Australia

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