on 4/28/01 1:32 AM, Howard Picken at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> <tr><td>Which Voyage:</td><td><select name="voyage" COLS=100 ROWS=1
> value="<?php echo $row["voyage"] ?>">
>   <option value="One voyage only">One voyage only</option>

In an HTML <select>, you can't specify the value in the select tag (btw, you
can't specify cols or rows either).  To specify the item to pick, you must
add a " selected" keyword to the appropriate option tag.  Typically in PHP,
this is done with a series of if statements.

For example,

<option value="One voyage only"<?php

If ($row['voyage'] == 'One voyage only') { echo ' selected'; }

?>>One voyage only</option>

Hope that helps,

Paul Burney

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