What database are you using? The latest version of MySQL can, I believe, 
index text fields, so this would suit both your keywords and description 
fields. If that's the database you are using I'd read the  relevant portion 
of the docs very carefully and test to match.

The index function you would want to use would be one native to your database.

More commonly, indexes hold single values, like surname, product_id, 
birth_date, etc.

Your best way may be to look at one of the Open Source search engines. 
ht://dig is one, and is relatively easy to install and customize.  If you 
still want to roll your own it would be worthwhile examining the source to 
see how those developers have handled the problem.

Cheers - Miles Thompson

At 07:49 PM 4/29/01 +1000, Selvin Sakal wrote:

>i'm makin a search engine the table looks like this -
>| number | name | keywords | description | url | rank |
>query's are made to against keywords, and description which are a blob's. 
>I want to index both of them but i don't know if i should use php index 
>function to create the index or make one myself which could look like this
>word | site |
>site would contain the number's of the row which have the queryed word in 
>their keyword or description.
>can some tell which way is faster or is there no difference and can 
>someone tell me a better way if there is any and also any possible idea's 
>on the php script required to ran a query for words
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