Hi all:

I have a seemingly simple SQL problem when using the following PHP4/MySQL-3.22.32 

$sql="SELECT * FROM $table_users WHERE usrName='$username' AND 
usrPswd=password('$password') AND affiliation='$aff_sport'";
$result = mysql_query($sql, $connection) or header("Location: error.php?err=query");
        $num = mysql_num_rows($result);
        //User hasn't been found in DB with current details:
        if ($num != 1) {
                header("Location: error.php?err=n_player");
        //Else get vars and authenticate
        else {
        //while loop get's vars etc etc

My error checking mechanism check's if the inputted details can be found in the DB if 
not you are taken to an error page.
The table $table_users, at present has 2 rows where the same username/password crops 
up, but different data 
(other than the username and password) in their respective rows.

At it stands, I am taken to the error page. If I remove one of the same-name users it 
works fine. 
What can I do to this query or even my table to remedy this so I can have multiple 
same-name users/pswds but with different data,
such as 'affiliation' as above for example??

Please help - as I have nearly completed the project....just some fiddly lil' things 
need to be sorted..
Many thanks.


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