>Hi I'm trying to put up some php files I have created that is working
>normaly at php local server with php 4.04 and mysql 3.23.36
>but it wonĄt work at the servr where the client will have it
>with php 4.03 and mysql 3.22.32
>the thing that wonĄt work is when I got a sql query that contains a inner
>join statement
>that wont work with 3.22.32 is there any one that knows if it canĄt handle
>inner join statemaents or are  the loking diffrentlie
>the inner join statement that I have is below
>$result = mysql_query("SELECT * From city
>inner join state_prov on state_prov.state_id = city.state_id
>inner join area_phone on area_phone.city_id = city.city_id
>inner join phone_nr on phone_nr.phone_id= area_phone.phone_id
>inner join netwrk on netwrk.net_id = area_phone.net_id
>inner join country on country.country_id = state_prov.country_id
>inner join areacode on areacode.area_id = area_phone.area_id
>ORDER BY '$sSort'");
>Thanks / Tobbe

Sir, earlier versions of MySQL didn't support the INNER JOIN 
keywords. For 3.22.x, replace the INNER JOINs with commas and move 
the ON conditions to the WHERE clause.

    FROM city, state_prov, area_phone, ...
    WHERE state_prov.state_id = city.state_id
       AND area_phone.city_id = city.city_id AND ...

Bob Hall

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