I have a strange situation--

I have a php page that submits form data to MySql database and sends an 
email confirmation on completion.
It works fine, but there were several people at one site that although 
the emails indicate the data was submitted successfully, the data never 
showed up in the database.

IS there a way that a specific IP can block MySql access?

Curious, because now I have nearly a thousand datasets to manually enter.

snip of code:

                $add_stmt = "update $tableName set name='$formUserName', 
category='$sections', title='$formWebsiteTitle',
bannerlink='$formBannerURL', email='$formEmail' where num=$id";
                if(!(mysql_query($add_stmt, $link))) {
                                $message .= "\nERROR updating $tableName!<br><br>";
                                $message .= "sprintf($add_stmt, $sections)";
                } else {
                        $message .= "\nSuccessfully added record!";
                mail( $recpientList, $subject,  $message, "From: $from ");

Because the email indicates the record was successfully added, I believe 
it to be a problem with the IP v. MySql.

Any suggestions??


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