on 5/20/01 11:50 AM, Matthew Tyler at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I'm having difficulty getting certain records in MySQL tables to delete. I
> have this bit of code:
> mysql_db_query("phpads", "DELETE FROM adviews WHERE
> bannerID=$banresult[bannerID]");

I don't think that PHP will be able to interpret the array notation within
the double quotes.  Try this instead:

mysql_db_query("phpads", "DELETE FROM adviews WHERE bannerID=" .

Or to be more clear:

$this_query = 'DELETE FROM adviews WHERE bannerID=' . $banresult[bannerID];

mysql_db_query("phpads", $this_query);

If the bannerID field isn't numeric, you'll need to enclose it in quotes as
someone else mentioned.


Paul Burney

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