Hi Larry,


I would create a special web server listening at port 81 to perform Oracle
queries. Your main web servers call the port 81 server using
fopen("http://proxyserver:81/updatemail.php?params=...";); to update the
Oracle database.

There are also tools to help you create a proxy database web server at

Regards, John

PS: This is taken from a list of Tuning PHP and Apache tips at

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> Greetings all,
> We are having serious issues with PHP4.0.5 using OCI8 and Apache 1.3.17.
> We have 4 webservers that handle our various needs for oracle. Each server
> has its MaxSpareServers in the httpd.conf set to 100. So that turns out to
> be 400 connections to the Oracle database.  We are not using persistent
> connections, because that makes the problem worse.  Does anyone know of a
> way to limit the number of database connections without having to turn
> users by limiting the number of apache processes?
> We are using php+apache+oci8 to subscribe and unsubscribe people to our
> mailing list.  We have simple select and update queries using
> connections.  Im not too sure what other information I would need to
> provide, Im just a webdeveloper, not a sysadmin, so please bear that in
> :)
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Larry Osborn
> Web Developer
> Napster, Inc.

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