I have a NAGGING file upload problem.

Details:  Win2k, IIS5, PHP v4.0.4

As I understand this system, PHP uploads all files to a temporary place on disk.  From 
there you can move them anywhere you want to.

Well here's the scenario:

Users are allowed to upload PRN files.  Once uploaded I have a directory 
"C:\printFiles" that I want everything moved to.

Here's the code:


if(is_uploaded_file($printFile)) {
 move_uploaded_file($printFile, "c:\\printFiles");
else {
 echo "Possible file attack<br>";


Here is the error:

Warning: Unable to create '\printFiles': Permission denied in 
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\submit.php on line 5

Warning: Unable to move 'C:\PHP\uploadtemp\php3EE.tmp' to '\printFiles' in 
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\submit.php on line 5

I have permissions set on that directory for EVERYONE and IUSR_WORKSTATIONNAME set to 

I have NEVER been able to move/copy a file.  Anyone know how I can fix this?


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