the web process does not have access to write the directory that oyu're
moving the file to.  in this case ./images/exec/.  most likely you'll need
to either chmod o+w ./images/exec (give the world the write right) or
change the owner of that directoyr to be the web process.  both come with
their owon security implications (from your path structure you look to be
on *NIX).


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                                               Subject:  [PHP-DB] Uploading files      
                      12/02/2003 04:06                                                 

I'm trying to upload image files to the server using http file upload. The
files seem to make it to the sever okay, but once they're ther and I try to
move them to where I want them, I get the following error:

Warning: move_uploaded_file(./images/exec/Editor.jpg): failed to open
stream: Permission denied in
/home/hudson/misc/dtr8hcj/public_html/changeexec.php on line 24

Is this my fault, or is it due to some sever configuration beyond my own
control. The line of code the error refers to is:


where $_FILES[$imagename]['tmp_name'] is a valid variable, and the path
specified by $imageurl definitely exists.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hugh Dickinson

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