Hi Eyal,

Version 4.0.4 has an older built-in mysql client ( i thaught it was 3.22.32
or 3.23.22 ) . This version has problems with some character sets different
from latin1. PHP-4.0.5 and 4.0.6 contains a newer built-in version (
3.23.32 ) which works without problem. I recommend you to switch to 4.0.6,
or compile PHP with MySQL's own client libraries
( --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql) .

"Eyal Rif" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, haber iletisinde sunlari
> Hi,
> After Compiling PHP 4.0.4pl1 with Apache_1.3.20 and trying to connect to
> mysql 3.23.32, I am getting the following error:
> Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't initialize character set 12 (path:
> default)
> I have compiled the PHP with the --with-mysql option.
> I also compiled the PHP with the --with-mysql=/usr/local but when trying
> configure Apache I am getting the following error -

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