> I'm kind of new to php so there may be an obvious answer but I can't
> find it for the moment.
> What I want to do is change the 'type=submit' of a submit button to
> 'type=image' so I can control the looks of the button.
> In pure HTML there is of course no problem, the image is still used as a
> submit button but... the submit type is being passed on to a php script
> ( ...if ($submit) {...) that makes a qeary to a mysql database. When I
> change the type=submit to type=image the script doesn't pick up the
> submit value anymore, so nothing happens.
> Am I overlooking something or is it just something that doesn't work?

IIRC you have to use something like $submit_x && $submit_y, which is a bit
more longwinded.

Since I have started using buttons for submit, I now put a hidden field
called formname inside each form,and chekc for that and that the method of
the form is correct.
It makes it a little bit easier if you have more than one form per page.



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