When you use input type=file the web server uploads the file to a 
temporary directory which it must have write access to, i.e. the user 
that the httpd process is run as must have write access to /php/tmp.

To my knowledge there is no way of allowing the httpd process to write 
to that directory using your ftp users/password. Bear in mind that you 
could change the temporary upload directory from /php/tmp to /tmp.

do you have full access to you box or only an account?   

hope this helps


Steve Brett wrote:

>i have a site and need to write a script to upload / download files so the
>database can be updated / backed up.
>i've tried setting up an <input type=file ... and this works fine on my
>machine but php gives an eror onthe server saying that the /php/tmp dir
>cannot be written to by, i assume, the nobody account within whihc the web
>server runs.
>i need  to be bale to write to the httpd dir using php and then i can get
>the db to import the files.
>i have an ftp username and password but don't know how to get php to pass
>the authorisation the server. the site is already password protected just
>using a table of username / passowrds.
>many thanks in advance

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