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>i have a site and need to write a script to upload / download files so the
>database can be updated / backed up.
>i've tried setting up an <input type=file ... and this works fine on my
>machine but php gives an eror onthe server saying that the /php/tmp dir
>cannot be written to by, i assume, the nobody account within whihc the web
>server runs.
>i need  to be bale to write to the httpd dir using php and then i can get
>the db to import the files.
>i have an ftp username and password but don't know how to get php to pass
>the authorisation the server. the site is already password protected just
>using a table of username / passowrds.

Rather than using PHP to do a setuid/setgid (which it can't do IIRC), change
the permissions on one of your catalogues to be writeable by the httpd-user,
and use that as your /tmp catalogue (/tmp is usually worldwriteable), however
be sure that your script cleans up after itself, otherwise you'd slowly 
fill up the
harddrive of the webserver (unless you write the same file evey time).

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