hello knowledgeable people of the php-db list, i have a question for you regarding PHP 
using MySQL.
my problem is this: 

I need a section of a record label site with a releases section listed horizontally 
but here's the twist: after every 4 releases, I want the releases to move to the next 
columns below. 

release#1, release#2, release#3, release#4
release#5, release#6

each release is stored in a database called almavale_releases and there are 6 rows:
id, bandname, albumtitle, coverpic, albumcode, datereleased

so what i need to know is what php code do I need to accomplish this?

your help is greatly appreciated and give my thanks in advance. email me offlist with 
your solutions/suggestions or send it to the list.

it's great to see the php/db experts sharing their knowledge with the not-so-experts 
like myself on this list, I learn new stuff all the time on this great list!


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