I am working on Unix(Solaris 2.8) with Apache 1.3 and
php4. I need to connect MS-SQL Server without ODBC. I
know there is an option that using freetds but I
haven't tried it yet. 
Someone told me that sybase functions can work with
MS-SQL Server directly. So I called sybase_xxx()
instead of mssql_xxx(). I was surprised that most of
them really work! But the problem is that
sybase_query() seems only work for "select ..."
statement. When I tried to pass
"insert...","update..." or "delete...", this function
returned "false", but the database was actually
updated. And the following sybase_query() would always
return "false" even it is for "select...".

Here is an example:
Server","login","password");  //successful
sybase_select_db("db",$conn);  //return true
$result=@sybase_query("select ...",$conn);  //Great!
That's what I want.
sybase_free_result($result);  //no problem so far
$result=@sybase_query("insert ...",$conn);  //return
false, but I did insert a new record into SQL Server.
sybase_free_result($result);  //successful
$result=@sybase_query("select...",$conn); //return
false, can't work with "select..." any more.

Anybody had same experience before? I will appriecate
any information from you.


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