Hi there,

I have a question regarding oracle and php

oracle is running in a win2000 machine, php  in a linux machine, i have
finally connected them and they work fine.

the problem is that when i do a "select xxxx from ......." and xxxx is a
varchar php doesn't display them correctly, as a matter of fact, it
doens't display them at all.

i tried using function like ltrim, but when i use them i only get the
first character

if xxxx is an int it has no problem

for example:

$query="select xxxx from mytable";

$result=Ora_Parse ($cursor, $query);

$result = Ora_Exec ($cursor);

Ora_Fetch_Into ($cursor, &$values);

echo "i have ".$values[0]." stored ";

now, here's the funny part,

when i view the page using lynx i have no problem, it displays everything
but i use netscape it just display

 i have

!!! i dont get it, even if $values[0] has no value, it should have
i have stored

can anyone help me here?

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