Use PHP and MySQL to pop up dynamic (DHTML) :

Here's a thought on using a MySQL database with several tables to help
create tutorials and such with pop-up windows written in DHTML.  A simple
version of this would be as follows:

You have a paragraph.  In that paragraph are four words that you want the
user to be able to click on to get glossary entries for in a small popup
window right below the text (can be closed by clicking on the word again or
by use of a close area in the popup itself).  The word would have a function
attached as an anchor such as <a
href="process.php?function=glossary&word="mainframe">mainframe</a> where
mainframe was the word to look up.  That process.php actually is a DHTML
script that is called in and that would have a spot filled out by MySQL via
PHP the formats and inputs the information from an entry about mainframes.
Actually, the DHTML and query could be right inside the original page,
removing the need to take the user elsewhere.  Or even have an include
called that contains a function that only needs input to "function" and
"variable", such as:

            call_function(glossary, mainframe);

However, other options could be used with this too, including creating
dynaic graphics along another part of a frame of table based on the
information that the user is browsing.  Uses for tutorials beyond glossary
entries are also there.

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