If I understand it correcty you now have N tables with a structure

  MessageID | XXXX | YYYY

and want to combine all those tables in one table with a structure like

  ForumID | MessageID | XXXX | YYYY

This should not be a problem for any real db when you have an index on
and MessageID.

This said, I mostly work with either Oracle or MS-SQL so mysql can still
problems. ( I always was a bit shy of using mysql as it didn't support a lot
functions that IMOH should be in a real db, like transactions and Ref
but that seems to have changed nowadays)

Robert Klinkenberg

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van:  John S. Huggins [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Verzonden:    Saturday, July 07, 2001 12:31 AM
> Onderwerp:    [PHP-DB] Distributed Tables vs. fewer Monster Tables
> I am putting the finishing touches on a forum program which has a direct
> lineage (look and feel at least) to Matt Wright's WWWBoard perl script.
> Remember that?
> Today I have one table per forum.  The forums on my live test site are
> huge.
> http://www.astronomy.net/forums/
> I have long dreamed of combining all the messages into one big honking
> table in MySQL and parse accordingly.  I already know how to do this, but
> wonder the following:
> - Will MySQL lookup performance suffer... much?
> - Is this just not a good idea?
> - Will this make MySQL just flat out quit?
> I have heard the hype behind MySQL being able to handle incredible amounts
> of data with relative ease.  I hear that MySQL does a good job when you
> are doing mostly reads as is the case here.  So far, I have had absolutly
> no issues with MySQL and just love it.  Thus, I am automatically biased.
> So what say you non-biased folks about data management for a multi-topic
> forum where each forum has identical structure, but differ only in topic?
> Combine and simplify?
> or
> Divide and conquer?
> John

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