Hi Mark,
You can access the column by index position instead, or use as column alias:

"select a.col col1, b.col col2 from a,b where a.key = b.key"

Then access using col1 and col2.

Bye, John

"Mark Newnham" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Not sure if this is really the right list to ask on, so please excuse me.
> I am trying to use the adodb db class with php4/mysql. On problem i have
> is that if i retrieve 2 tables with a join and the 2 tables both have a
> field of the same name, the command
> $result->fields("fieldname") always returns the value of the second field
> that name.
> i could loop through the fields via index, then use fetchfield() to
> the name, but generically, I would also like to retrieve the table that
> field is attached to. Does anyone know of a way to do this or a command
> has this option?
> Thanks
> Mark

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