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You could create a form and save your variables as "hidden" elements of your
form. I've never tried it without having an actual visible form on the page
with a submit button and everything, but it should work.

The only other ways I can think of are pretty long winded...cookies,
database entries, file entries...

Good Luck,


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I have this little problem sorting a search result by different fieldnames.

I do my search, get a quite impressive amount of variables that I use in my 
MySQL-query, and by default use "ORDER BY name".

But I want to be able to klick on different headers to sort like "ORDER BY 

The problem that I encounter is that I lose all the variables from the 
search when I refresh the document. Is it possible to resend all variables 
without inserting them in the <A>-tag ?
(like <A href=find.php?var1=$var1..........>)

Hopefully someone has a smart solution.. =)


  - Stefan

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