Have you tried:  it seems to have a huge 
selection of PHP scripts - i'm not sure if it has what you are after 
though.  Why don't you have MySQL installed on your NT machine?  It is a 
LOT quicker than any MS Access database, or flat file - especially if you 
are setting up a shopping cart site.


At 18:46 11/07/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Can anyone direct me to a shopping cart package (preferrably in PHP,
>although PERL would possibly work) which utilizes either an MS Access
>database or flat files?  I've found several shopping carts, but they
>all seem to require MySQL which I do not have access to on my server.
>My server is Windows NT 4 with PHP 4 and PERL 5.
>I sure hope someone can help.  Thanks in advance.
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