Mike -

In general, you should always be reading the manual first.  From the SELECT syntax at
GROUP BY must be indicated before ORDER BY.  So reverse the order of those portions.

- Ken

At 10:35 PM 7/11/01 -0400, Mike Gifford wrote:
>It looked good, but it gave me an error..  Sorry
>WLPcountry.countryID ORDER BY WLPbib.title  GROUP BY WLPbib.bibID
>MySQL Error: 1064 (You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'GROUP BY WLPbib.bibID ' 
>at line 10)
>Please contact the webmaster and report the exact error message.
>Session halted.
>Ken wrote:
>>Mike -
>>I'm not certain but it sounds like you might be looking for "GROUP BY".  Do GROUP BY 
>and then the columns that are identical in your results.
>>- Ken
>>At 09:46 PM 7/11/01 -0400, Mike Gifford wrote:
>>>I posted this to the general list this morning & got a couple of good leads, but 
>they weren't able to actually fix the problem, so I'm posting here to the db list.
>>>I'm making some headway on joining three MySQL tables.
>>>However, when I run this query:
>>>      WLPbib.bibID,
>>>         WLPbib.title,
>>>         WLPbib.publisher,
>>>         WLPbib.publicationDate,
>>>         WLPaddress.city,
>>>         WLPaddress.state,
>>>         WLPprofile.firstName,
>>>         WLPprofile.lastName,
>>>         WLPprofile.organization,
>>>         WLPcountry.languageName
>>>FROM      WLPbib
>>>         LEFT JOIN WLPprofile ON WLPprofile.profileID = WLPbib.profileID
>>>         LEFT JOIN WLPaddress ON WLPaddress.publisherID = WLPbib.publisherID
>>>         LEFT JOIN WLPcountry ON WLPcountry.countryID = WLPaddress.countryID");
>>>I now get results in triplicate.  ie. I'm getting three copies of the same title, 
>firstName, organization, etc....
>>>I somehow suspected that this should be the result with LEFT JOIN, but I'm not sure 
>how to return a query without duplication.
>>>This is far better than what I had this morning (which was no response from the 
>>>Thanks.  I'm new to joining tables...
>>>Someone wrote back suggesting that SELECT DISTINCT could be used to to the job.
>>>Another person suggested that using UNIQUE(profileID) would make it look nicer.  I 
>wasn't sure how to use UNIQUE with the last JOIN as it isn't directly linked to 
>>>Any suggestions would be useful.
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