I have one script that looks like this:

setcookie ("logged_in", "yes", time() - 3600);
setcookie ("logged_user_name", "brad", time() - 3600);


and another that looks like this:

print "start <br>";
echo $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["logged_in"];
print "<br>";
echo $logged_user_name;
print "<br>";
print "end";

which I have also tried like this:

print "<br>";
echo $logged_in;
print "<br>";
echo $logged_user_name;

It seems like this should be extremely simple, but when I run the first one,
and then the second one, the second one only writes the <br>'s to the
document.  It also doesnt trigger my browser (tried in netscape and ie5) to
alert me that a cookie is being sent, I turned that option on just to test
this script.
Please Help!


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