Howdy ;-)

I have a problem when trying to display data in HTML from a MySQL query.
Here's what happens:

1)  I convert the text entered using htmlentities ().  I then insert it into
the database table.  If I do a query from a terminal on the data it looks

2)  When I do a select query on the data and then echo () it into a HTML
page, all of the ' characters are preceded by an escape character \.  I
don't want this to happen...

A few questions...  First, would replacing the ' and " characters with their
HTML equiv pose problems when using them in say an img tag?  I mean, does
HTML expect the actual ' and " characters instead of " or whatever it
is?  If it doesn't matter, I can just convert everything to HTML.

My other question requires explanation of what I'm doing...  I'm trying to
make it so my client can add their own news updates.  Really simple stuff.
However, sometimes I'll want to add news items for them that include some
HTML (like an email link or whatever).  However, the < and > characters are
being converted to &lt; and &gt;  Will this actually work?  Or do I need the
< and >?  If so, how can I convert everything BUT actual HTML tags...?  I'm
not far enough along yet where I can test this stuff myself, sorry :-/


My 2 
John Pickett
Co-Author:  Inside Dreamweaver 4

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